To Read, or Not To Read?

The New York Time’s article, “How Technology is (and isn’t) Changing our Reading Habits,”¬†touches upon how the technological changes in reading effect 21st-century¬†families, adults, children, industries, and businesses. It focuses on how these groups are being affected by the literature-technological take-over. Alexandra Alter, a reporter in the book industry, responds to prompted questions about how ebooks and Kindles are both positively and negatively affecting the book industry and small businesses. While these smart devices are extremely practical and efficient for busy readers, it is causing some bookstores to plummet, and some to amplify in popularity. Surprisingly, it is having a positive effect on “indie-style” bookstores, while it is also causing Barnes and Noble to think twice about making their business a little more unique to keep-up with the technological times. This article was extremely insightful about not only technology’s practicality and efficiency in ‘electric’ reading but also its effect on the industrial world.

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