Month: November 2018

Word Art and The Art it Does

Word Art’s word-cloud feature allows for an open field of creativity to brainstorm, collaborate, synthesize, and contrast information. In my word cloud, I decided to compile all of my favorite songs from the alternative genre. I have received positive feedback from when I play these songs on the radio station I DJ for on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm (my show is… Read more →

Efficiency or Zen?

As technology revolutionizes the way we interact, live, and move, it also revolutionizes the way we learn and receive an education. With the new and improved devices from the popular tech-companies of 2018, not only is the way we are learning is being improved but the way we are being taught it is being improved. Teachers can now have access… Read more →

“LOL” or “Laughing Aloud?”

In Kristen Purcell’s, Judy Buchanan’s, and Linda Freidrich’s work, “The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing,” the concept of technology affecting students’ education and writing is investigated and observed through not only surveys from Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers but also from a statistical analysis standpoint. They come to several conclusions such as technology is not only… Read more →

To Read, or Not To Read?

The New York Time’s article, “How Technology is (and isn’t) Changing our Reading Habits,” touches upon how the technological changes in reading effect 21st-century families, adults, children, industries, and businesses. It focuses on how these groups are being affected by the literature-technological take-over. Alexandra Alter, a reporter in the book industry, responds to prompted questions about how ebooks and Kindles are both… Read more →