“LOL” or “Laughing Aloud?”

In Kristen Purcell’s, Judy Buchanan’s, and Linda Freidrich’s work, “The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing,” the concept of technology affecting students’ education and writing is investigated and observed through not only surveys from Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers but also from a statistical analysis standpoint. They come to several conclusions such as technology is not only an aid to a student’s educational process but it is also a tool to help expand a teacher’s resources. Through a thorough study under the Pew Research Center, the extensive research reveals that while technology might aid in the education of writing and increase the amount of writing students do on a daily basis (from texting to messaging on social media), students are inclined to revert to more informal writing styles rather than standard essay writing. While students are becoming more immersed in writing in their daily lives because of the large technological presence, studies have shown that they are more inclined to breach copyright laws, plagiarize, and improperly cite information. This article was extremely interesting and informative, and it provided great insight into how technology can affect one’s writing.

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