The Whereabouts of Wearable Technology

If you were to tell me ten years ago that I could access the internet from my glasses or text messages from my watch, I wouldn’t believe you. However, this is our reality today. From Apple Watches to Google Glasses, technology has become more and more accessible, and it has revolutionized society, let alone fashion. According to, by 2026, “smart clothing” that can adjust shape, size, and color is something that can be seen on future millennials in the next eight years. Ultimately, technology is becoming embedded in the substances that make up our day-to-day lives whether it be the clothes we wear or the way we communicate. In hopes to learn more about wearable technology, TIME magazine’s Martin Gee, Alexander Ho and Josh Raab, asked six technological specialists about the future of wearable technology and some of their predictions linked medical advances to smart clothing–Imagine knowing your heart rate, body temperature, oxygen levels, and other vital statistics by just wearing a pair of earrings. In addition, a pair of smart sneakers can inform you about your weight and exercise statistics, while heating or cooling your feet whether it be the summer or winter. A predicted product that I found interesting was microchipped nail polish that can link-up to one’s contacts “enab[ling] a keyboard function for virtual screens, give you the ability to draw virtually in three dimensions, or provide real-time haptic feedback for holographic interactions with your friends.” According to, wearable technology is affecting several industries. In entertainment, virtual reality goggles and glasses are creating new ways to submerge individuals into the digital world with interactive games. The fashion industry could also be greatly affected as smart-wear can allow for your jewelry and clothing to change color according to your outfit. Ultimately, the future for wearable technology is unwritten as devices are improving and are becoming more accessible to the public. It was extremely interesting to read about the products that can be seen in the next ten years, and I cannot wait to see if I will be wearing some of the smartwear one day.

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