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Word Art and The Art it Does

Word Art’s word-cloud feature allows for an open field of creativity to brainstorm, collaborate, synthesize, and contrast information. In my word cloud, I decided to compile all of my favorite songs from the alternative genre. I have received positive feedback from when I play these songs on the radio station I DJ for on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm (my show is… Read more →

Use Protection…Online

As we all use the iMessages, Gmail services, and social media platforms on a daily basis, we feel comfortable with exchanging information and personal data through the convenience of one’s personal laptop, iPhone, or other smart devices. However, what if your personal information is not as secure as you think it is? To explore this further, I watched a video… Read more →

Humans’ Race

In this ever-changing society we live in, we see the technological advances exploding before us and the generations to come. However, how educated are those from the previous generations to these technological advances? And more importantly, how will this affect the minds of the future generations? There is the shift from the non-digital era of the 20th century to the overtly… Read more →

The Magic of Technology

Tristan Harris’ work, How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind—from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist, explains not only the extreme dependence the general public has on technology but also the strong need and desire to stay connected in fear of missing out on opportunities or news. He further explains this in a Ted-Talk as he describes the psychology and analysis… Read more →

A Cloud of Nostalgia: Technology Autobiography

If the iPhones, iPads, and tablets of today existed 30 years ago, then I could technically not exist right now. To further explain, I must tell the tale of how my parents found each other. My mother, born in Argentina, spent her childhood and adulthood living in both Argentina and Columbia with her family. Her entire family’s native tongue was… Read more →

Check it out: “How Today’s Colleges and Universities are Using Social Media”

Doug Ridley’s article, “How Today’s Colleges and Universities are Using Social Media” touches upon the new trend of social media aiding in connection and productivity for universities. Ridley’s work explains how social media helps promote the school to their students, future and current, as well as alumni. Posting pictures of clubs, events, and functions of the school help aid in… Read more →

Check it out: “Social Media and Teens: How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Mental Health”

Katie Hurley’s article “Social Media and Teens: How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Mental Health” on addresses the prominent issues of social media and how it affects one’s mental wellbeing. Hurley describes the lack of research done on the aforementioned theme, and how it is difficult to come to a conclusion in this regard because of ever-changing technology. The… Read more →